CFRR can assist with coordination of all corporate and foundation gifts and grants to UCLA.

Outright Gifts
Gifts of cash, securities or other property have an immediate impact on the current needs of UCLA’s schools and programs. CFRR accepts outright gifts and ensures the strict adherence to business objectives or foundation guidelines.

Unrestricted Gifts
When a gift is not restricted to a specific purpose or project, the University gains crucial flexibility. Unrestricted gifts meet critical and changing needs that often are not covered by traditional grants and restricted awards

UCLA regularly accepts gifts-in-kind of new computer hardware, software licenses, peripherals and excess machinery. These donations increase visibility of a company’s products and services while benefiting students who gain valuable hands-on experience with state-of-the-art products. CFRR helps facilitate these types of donations.

Gift Pledges
A pledge is a formal statement of intention to make a gift to UCLA. It is usually followed by an immediate gift, and it confirms designated programs or initiatives to operate with the knowledge that consistent and dependable funding will be available for several years.

Gifts of Securities
A gift of appreciated marketable securities is a convenient way to provide valuable support to UCLA while minimizing the impact on cash flow. CFRR will assist in obtaining the proper transmittal forms from the UCLA Foundation.

Gifts of Endowment
Endowments, which typically bear the name of the donor or the donor’s designee, can provide valuable support for undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, student or teaching awards or remain unrestricted for use in meeting the highest needs of the campus or the designated school or department. CFRR will assist in creating a fund that serves as a lasting tribute to a corporation’s or a foundation’s generosity.

Matching Gifts
Many corporations have demonstrated their support for UCLA by matching, or multiplying, their employees’ gifts to the University. The corporate matching portion of the gift will be credited to the same program as the employee donation.

The Chancellor has established a gift fee, which is applied to all donations, in order to provide essential indirect support necessary to UCLA’s overall operation. An initial assessment of six and a half percent (6.5%) will be applied on a one-time basis to each gift when received.

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